"Your crab and our crab."

Translation:Bhur bportán agus ár bportán.

4 years ago



Oh wow, this is starting to get crazy. Anyone know why the spelling of words can change depending on possession, etc? Is there a general rule to follow, and is there an easily learnable pattern to it, or does it come only with a lot of study and memorization?

4 years ago

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The rules are mentioned in the Tips & Notes of the Eclipsis and Lenition lessons on which letters get a séimhiú or an urú.

4 years ago


Thanks...I'll give 'em a looking over.

4 years ago

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They need to some how make it clear if they mean 'you all' or just 'you'. When they have both options available, you pretty much have to guess what they mean

6 months ago


Same here!!

2 months ago

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"Do phortán agus ár bportán"

Why is one "phortán" and the other one "bportán"?

1 year ago


I sympathise greatly with your confusion, I suffered badly with it at school in Ireland and just gave up on it as a kid. As far as I can guess all these spelling rules were designed to reflect how words are pronounced (in one dialect mostly) in different circumstances.

It's a bit like if the English decided that the written form of the language would reflect the accent of the North West of England. In which case the written form of "My hat" would be "me'yat".

With spoken Gaeilge I can barely hear the difference in many cases tbh, and I don't just mean on Duolingo audio, I strain on TG4 to hear the subtle differences, but it's not happening so far, …and I'm Irish, so I've no idea how other people seem to manage it. Spending a lot of time immersed in a Gaeltacht would probably help a lot, but till I can afford that luxury it's just a case of trying to memorise the Enigma Code.

7 months ago


Is there really such a lack of historical knowledge of the language that the country vernacular version had to be entombed in the spelling?

4 months ago


I'm not certain I'm understanding the distinction between ár and linne?

5 months ago


"our" vs. "ours"

Ár bainne = our milk Is linne an bainne = the milk is ours

1 month ago


Would be of help to state whether 'You' is singular or plural

1 week ago
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