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The flag is a bit... too pale.

I am terribly sorry to start such a innocuous thread but I found the blue bit of the Dutch flag, of which is used by the profile picture, inadequately saturated. Making the flag resembles more of the Luxembourg one than the Dutch one. I know this a rather minor issue, but would anyone at the administrative office bothers to change it?

August 26, 2014



The colors have bounced back and forth over the past few months. They used to be about two shades darker.


I agree with you. I wonder though, why would you be sorry to start an innocuous thread? Innocuous is a good thing.:)


Just a odd habit of mine. Incapable of bring on any discussion without understating the importance of subject. Weird isn't it?


Yeah, i don't like the blue they use in the flags here.

The US flag and Dutch flag ordinarily have darker blues, like in my profile picture.


Yes. And if I am honest, I am a bit annoyed by that the American flag represents the English Language here.


"Inadequately saturated" :D


Many flags here are much paler than in their proper colors. I believe it was a conscious choice to make them match a light color scheme. Flags are used widely on the site and often side by side, having all of them full-bodied may end up looking not too pretty.

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