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"Alcune sono ancora in scatola."

Translation:Some are still in the box.

May 24, 2013



Why don't we need an article with "scatola"?


In this case is it's not necessary. You can say "nella (loro) scatola" or "in scatola". The focus here is on the fact that the thing is in a box, not in that particular box.


Wait, it was wrong to say 'in a box', so the requirement of the definite article does indeed indicate a particular box?


Well , some are still in the box = some are still new, untouched. In english , I presume ,"the box" is used to indicate that specific package (the own box) . In italian this is not necessary: "alcune sono ancora in scatola "


Francesco, why not 'nella scatola?'


In English, the definite article may mean in this sentence:

  • a specific box. It may be the manufacter's box, a box I found in the street, a box I made, etc. Example: The shoes are in the black box.

  • "in the box where the item was put right after manufactured, given to the buyer when it was bought". Example: The shoes are still in the box.

The context will make clear which meaning is intended.


But 'in a box' is marked wrong.


Because it could be a shoebox, but this implies they are in their original box.


I was confused about this too. I wonder if it's the equivalent of saying "Some are still boxed", not literally translated but that is one way we would say it in English without using an article while making it into a verb.


I thought so too and suggested 'still packed' to convey the nuance. Not accepted, though.


nella scatola was not accepted


Box = scatola, boxes=scatole, there is mistake in duolinguo here, i think. It does not accept in box, but there is written in scatola (sg.) and not in scatole (pl.)


in box is missing the article, which English requires, such as: in the box (or in a box)

On another point, sometimes Duolingo gives corrections to the wrong thing. So if Duolingo told you it should be plural, it might be wrong. It perhaps should instead have told you, there was a missing (definite) article.

For the plural there may be no article: in boxes is gramatically as good as in the boxes; the lack of an article may have caused the program to decide you intended to use a plural.


There is no mistake. The idiomatic expression is "in scatola" in Italian and "in the box" in English. It should not be translated literally.


Agreed. Duolingo?


I'm voting in favor of "Some are still boxed." A perfectly acceptable translation.


Probably an acceptable translation, but you use 'boxed' as a verb, which is not in the italian sentence


Perchè quelle non è "alcuni sono" ?


Why not Alcuni? When do you use Alcune ... when do you use Alcuni?


Acune (cose/ things feminine plural ) sono ancora in scatola. Alcuni (Uomini /men masculine plural ) sono ancora dentro


But there is nothing to indicate what the 'some' things are. They could be either masculine or feminine, so both should be accepted.


since 'some are still in boxes' was rejected, I assume that ALL the things must be in ONE box.So if there were several, each in their own box, it would have to be '..in scatole'? Is that correct?


"Alcune sono ancora in scatola" means that here are some things and some of them are still in the box ( the sentence does not specify that all of them are in one box or each of them is in its own specific box).


Yes, it would be "...in scatole". But that doesn't mean that only one thing per box, it could mean there are several in one box, and only one in other box.


Why is 'some are in the box again' not correct? Ancora can also mean 'again', right? How would you say 'some are in the box again' then?


why is "there are still some in the box" not accepted


no word for 'there' (ci) in the sentence


I thought "ancora" could also mean again. In which case "several are in the box again"should be allowed shouldn't it? A slightly dd phrase maybe but I can think of quite a few contexts where it could be used.


IMHO yes. Anyway, I'd use "di nuovo" here to avoid the ambiguity.


When do we use 'in' and when do we use 'nel' or other?


In 'in scatola' a phrase or term, like the terms 'on foot' or 'stressed out', which aren't literal?


Yes. Italian omits the article in several place expressions. Some examples:

  • Andiamo in montagna (We're going to the mountains)
  • Stasera andiamo a teatro (We're going to the theater this evening)
  • Accompagno Anna in aeroporto (I'm taking Anna to the airport)
  • Andiamo in macchina (We're going in the/a car).


Why 'the' and not 'a' box?


Why is "some are yet in the box" wrong?


It sounds very old fashioned to a native English speaker. Shakespeare might have said it though!


My question is, how would 'in a box' be written?


Why scatola means boxes not box? Why is it plural


Why can't you use ancore?


WOW DL!!!! Last time I wrote "Some are still in the box" and it was marked WRONG (boxes). So this time wrote " Some are still in the boxes" and was marked WRONG AGAIN!? Seems this is not advanced Italian. Would be great to have these pesky mistakes fixed.


A previous question translated "in the box" as nella scatola. Yet here in the box is in scatola. Why?? DL did not accept nella in this case and did not accept " in" in the previous case when both translations were "in the box".


It would be quite nice to see an answer to this question as it is a point I have raised myself recently.


perche devo scrivere boxes?


Alcune = "a few" as well as "some", non e' vero?


Why are there still some in the box. surely they would all be gone by now!


In the past, I have been marked wrong for translating this sentence from English to Italian as 'in scatola' when DL wanted 'nella scatola'. There seems to be a lack of consistancy.

[deactivated user]

    Odd! The speaker seems to say "Alcune sono ancore...". So that's what I wrote & it was accepted. Is ancore a correctly used word then? Haven't come across it so far. And what's the masculine version - ancori?


    "There are still some in the box" rejected. Not happy.


    That would be "Ce ne sono ancora alcune in scatola" in Italian.


    Why is "ne" not required here when it is required in other sentences with no mention of "of them"?


    Why is "Some are still in the box" wrong for Heavens' sake? Reported.


    That's the main answer given by Duolingo. Are you sure you didn't make a typo?


    I think nella scatola should be accepted


    The normal speed sounds like alcuni

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