Translation:The child eats an orange and she reads a newspaper.

4 years ago



is nuachtán not the news and páipéir nuachtáin not newspaper

4 years ago


As far as I know, just news is nuacht. They've got "Nuacht a Sé" on the radio.

4 years ago

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If it is the same child eating an orange and reading the paper, is it necessary to have the si after the second verb? Or does this tell us they are two different people?

4 years ago


I had the sentance correct but for using fada I'm using my phone .

1 month ago


For many users (particularly in the US), it's easier to get a fada on a phone than on a PC keyboard. "long-press" your vowel by hold your finger on the vowel key, and a secondary keyboard will pop up allowing you to select an accented version of the letter.

1 month ago
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