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Vocabulary is going crazy

Hi! I have been experiencing some serious bugs lately, and new ones appear.

First, I have the practice problem that other people write about as well. Any practice button leads me to sentences that include words which are perfectly strong and once in a while a word which needs practice according to the decaying golden bar of it.

Second, it seems that the general golden bar of skills doesn't decay even if most of their words need practice.

Now I have noticed that when I click to order my words in the vocabulary in an increasing strength order, some words with perfect strength appear among the weaker words. The stranger thing is that when I click some of the words, I find out that their strength according to what appears there is completely different that the one presented in the general vocabulary list. In some words, the strength has nothing to do with the strength of its forms.

All of the above is very confusing and undermotivating. Please help me, I love Duolingo, Thank you very much :)

May 24, 2013

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Took a look into the vocabulary appearing in the order you describe, and it's a bug. We'll be getting that fixed soon.

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