"Ní maith liom beoir."

Translation:I do not like beer.

August 26, 2014

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How do you say, "I love Guinness"? Lol


You don't. Ireland has plenty of great Irish craft breweries making world class beers, including stouts. Guinness, on the other hand, is a beer owned by Diageo, a PLC based in the UK that actively strives to monopolise the beer market and close down small independent breweries.


Is fearr liom Guinness.

Word for word, "is best with-me Guinness".

[deactivated user]

    Is fearr liom Guinness means "I prefer Guinness".

    Is breá liom Guinness is closer to "I love Guinness". aoibhinn is a bit stronger than breá, but it sees a bit much for beer.


    I listened to it multiple times and it sounded like be-oje every time. How is it supposed to be pronounced?


    English doesn't use the slender r sound, so English speakers have difficulty distinguishing the sound, or describing it. This speaker is pronouncing beoir properly.


    It sounds like "bilge". Which, not liking a bilge is perfectly understandable. But is that really how beoir is supposed to be pronounced? Or is there a problem with the fidelity of the audio file?


    This is very useful - albeit quite a lot to digest!


    Alex, What question am I least likely to ever say, for 200.


    Good. And you shouldn't even drink it.


    Would someone please break down this sentence in structure for me?


    The positive statement is "Is maith liom beoir," literally "Is good with-me beer." So the negative here, "Ní maith liom beoir," literally means "Not(-is) good with-me beer."

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