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"Ithimid lón agus ólaimid fíon."

Translation:We eat lunch and we drink wine.

August 26, 2014



Should it be accepted to say "we eat lunch and drink wine" and not have to add the second we? It is implied already, is it not?


It is implied, but the translation here should include the second "we". However, it will be accepted soon.


Great, thanks!


May I am mess it up, but, right after "but" and "because" you cannot repeat the pronoun (it is if the subject don't change); however, other cases you have the option.


Should it be accepted to say "We have lunch" ?


Why is "we are eating lunch and we are drinking wine" incorrect?


I assume because to be + ing is a different time form. "We are eating" implies that the process is still ongoing right now while "we eat" can be a general statement


What is the difference between Ithimid and Itheann muid? On my last lesson it suggested the latter as an alternate translation, but marked it incorrect when i tried using it?


From Wikipedia:

Irish verb forms are constructed either synthetically or analytically.

Synthetic forms express the information about person and number in the ending: e.g., molaim "I praise", where the ending -aim stands for "1st person singular present". In this case, a pronoun is not allowed: * molaim mé is ungrammatical. Molann mé is allowed but using the -aim ending is more common.

Analytic forms are those whose endings contain no information about person and number, and a pronoun is necessary: e.g., molann sibh "you (pl.) praise", where the ending -ann expresses only the present tense, and the pronoun sibh "you" (pl.) must accompany it in order to express "2nd person plural".


I made a spelling error. Mostly my fingers est should be eat. Shouldn't it have been allowed

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