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  5. "The book is mine."

"The book is mine."

Translation:Is liomsa an leabhar.

August 26, 2014



Should "Is liomsa an leabhar?" actually be accepted? I put "Is liomsa é an leabhar" and was marked wrong, which would seem to me to be the more accurate translation.


Is liomsa an leabhar is the correct form.


É means it, so you dont need it when you are specifying what you own


It marked me wrong for "is liomsa é an leabhar". Is this because it's possession or because there's a definite article? Because in another discussion, "is ainmhithe iad lucha" was correct.


Because it’s possession.


É means it. So its not neccessary when you are specifying what you own


Liomsa is emphatic with me. So it emphasizes ownership. It's MINE. We don't possess books within ourselves unless we're trying to put them in places they don't belong lol. I think within me works better for liom. Is maith liom. Is good with/within me - I feel good about this.


My partner has a masters degree in modern Irish and says Is liom an leabhar should also be accepted


My spelling lets me down so badly on this site. Hate it when I know the answer, but it gets marked incorrectly because of my stupid, stupid brain.

Does anyone know of a really good spelling site I could check out?



I'm sure that there are better sites for spelling, but this one lets you make your own flashcards and practice with them. In addition to spelling them out in your head before checking or what-have-you, some of the games focus on spelling out the answer.


Does liomsa literally translate as "within me"?


I don't think so. I think it's just the emphatic form of "liom".


That's how I took it, too. Somehow it makes more sense that way. In the end, process it in whatever way makes you learn it!

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