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  5. "Ele diz o quê?"

"Ele diz o quê?"

Translation:He says what?

May 24, 2013



Why not "What does he say"?


that would be "O que ele diz?"


I answered "What does he say?" and the answer was marked correct.


Why is it "o" que? and not only que?


que = that / o que (o quê) = what.


What's the difference between "que" and "quê"? Is "o que" still valid here or does it entail another meaning?


We don't have quê by itself, but "o quê", which is used at the end of a sentence.

  • o que você quer?

  • você quer o quê?


Thanks Paulenrique!!

Does the pronunciation change with the circumflex? Or maybe the circumflex is what makes the pronunciation the same? Maybe I'm looking too much into the matter and it's just there, well, just becaause and that's it!


E at the end of a word usually sounds like i (ee in /meet/)

o que = /oo kee/

when you have the accent, it always sound like a normal E, not i.


Haha, I definitely thought they said. "Ele diz O.K." I am assuming that Portuguese speakers use OK (many languages have adopted it). Does anyone know if "OK" is accepted and if so, how it is said (i.e. "okay" vs. "o ka")? Thanks!


The most common is the English version: o-kay, but you can also hear o-ka at times.


Hello guys. I am Brazilian and open to help and answers a lot of questions of portuguese, like grammar and pronunciation. If someone want change knowledge between our languages, be welcome.


Should "Does he say what?" not be accepted here? (For example: The kid is sad because of something that happened today in school. - Does he say what? - No. He's keeping it to himself...)

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