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Streak Number Reset... Why?

The streak counter is a particularly good motivator for me, but recently I've been finding that I don't understand why it resets, which makes it frustrating.

I was under the impression that if you get any points during a day it would increase your streak by 1 each day. But twice now I've been reset to 0 even while completing lessons. Is there a certain number of points or number of lessons each day I have to achieve or is this simply an error?

Would be great if someone could clear this up.

May 24, 2013



Your streak resets if you miss a day of learning. Have you seen it acting differently?


Hi EProulx - I took a look and your coin stack says there were no points earned for Thursday (yesterday) :( Can you look at your coin stacks and verify this? Go to the home tab, and under your username next to the "French" tab should be a "Weekly Progress" tab. This helps you know if you've earned coins for the day.


Hmm, for me it says I earned 32 on Thursday. Perhaps Duolingo is getting confused because of time differences? Would it be possible that there would be a discrepancy because i created the account in Ontario, which is two hours ahead of Alberta where I am now.

What I mean is I earned those 32 points late last night, at 11 say... could Duolingo have thought that I was earning them at 1:00 AM Ontario time.

It's still weird that it shows 32 points on my computer. Could you comment on the number of points I've earned today? For me it shows 101 points... does your view add the 32 points perhaps?


It said 77 Wednesday and 133 Friday for me - I think you found a really unfortunate bug! Sorry about that - we'll look at fixing time zone issues:( Thanks so much for the detective work!


Yep 77 Wed and 133 Friday would be consistent with if I was completing the lessons in Ontario time rather than Alberta time. Always glad to reveal any bugs, hopefully you guys can fix it sometime soon. Thanks!


Interesting issue. I will be traveling from Australia to the USA soon - will my streak still count in Australian time? Will I need to earn points in Australian time while in the USA? On my return I will 'lose' a day traveling due to crossing the date line (ie I leave on Wednesday evening in the USA and arrive 14 hours later on Friday morning in Australia - how can I prevent losing my streak count?


Thanks, but I guess what I was asking is whether I will need to adjust my time while in the USA to Australia west coast time - USA is 16 hours behind Australian time ... so any time after 8 am will be the next day in Australia! On the other hand if the system detects where I am somehow, then I would simply move to USA east coast time. That would then cause an issue on my return as I will 'miss' a day while I am in the air.


best way is to do a minimal amount of work on duolingo while traveling to be absolutely sure that you are not losing a day


I don't know why it resets, but I can suggest to check your streak before you study and after it. If it increased by 1 day, I think it won't be reset the next day.


Yes I have seen it act differently... currently in my 'weekly progress' I have earned skill points every day in the past week... and yet my streak is at 1. It is very confusing.


I lost a streak despite non-stop practicing. What I believe happened was that I was stuck on a lesson and did not earn points despite my trying to conquer that lesson :( Now I'll make sure I do at least a review of another lesson and earn points that way.


The streak counter is still buggy:



I am seeing the same thing -- streak counter reset though I am showing points for every day. I thought maybe it was because I didn't do a lesson, just translating, but I understand that those points should count too.


I am seeing the same thing too...am not sure what can be done about it. I have another hour before midnight where I am, and I have lost my streak.

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