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"Mo chlann"

Translation:My children

August 26, 2014



I was alwayd told that clann is your immediate family


Yeah me too.....


it even says it in the "tips section". confusing.


This is what the Tips & Notes for the Family Skill says:

Clann refers to the group of children that belong to a set of parents. For example, mo chlann could mean my own children, or my siblings and I. If a girl says that there are five people in her clann, it means that she has four other brothers or sisters.


I had this conversation with someone already, but am I not correct in thinking that "mo chlann" can mean "my siblings" ?


In the narrowest sense, clann means a couple's children. This can indeed mean your siblings and you, taken together as a whole (ie all your parents' children). It can also sometimes mean family, as in "My wife and I have a large family - we have six kids."

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