"Various things hurt me."

Translation:Mi feriscono diverse cose.

May 24, 2013

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Would this not be correct - "diverse cose feriscono me" ?


It is incorrect because the sentence has a reflexive verb (the action is done onto the subject). If I were to translate word for word into English it would be like this: To me, various things hurt. In Italian, the subject of the reflexive verb is stated first and the verb conjugates based on the object. Example: I like the dog -> Mi piace il cane I like the dogs -> Mi piacciono i cani.


Apparently this is one of those cases where it is mandatory that the adjective precede the noun. It must be "diverse cose" and cannot be "cose diverse". Maybe "cose diverse" means something else? Perhaps "cose diverse" means "different things" and "diverse cose" means "various things"? Perhaps, more generally, "diverse" means "various" when placed before the noun, and "different" when placed after? Or perhaps "cose" always wants adjectives to precede it?

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