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  5. "Det er mig."

"Det er mig."

Translation:It is me.

August 26, 2014



De er mig, Mario! :D


This was my first thought when I heard this phrase. XD


Det er mig, Jens.


Do Danish pedants also insist on saying "det er jeg", like they do in English?


Yes :-) If you want to be grammatically correct, you say "du og jeg" ("you and I") instead of "du og mig" ("you and me"). Most people say the latter, though.


In Danish you never say du og mig. It's either du og jeg or dig og mig


I am a native dane like yeh, and that is not how I'd say it she says it more like "dermæ" where I'd probably go "det er miG"


I don't understand it yet. I'm German, so maybe it is just a problem with translating the words. "Mig" in German would be "mir" or "mich". But: "Det er mig" - "That (or it) is me" in German would be "Das bin ich" or "Ich bin es". So "mig" would be "ich" ("jeg"). Is it just the sentence that doesn't work with German or is it my weird thinking? I don't understand the objective thing here.??


The fact is that the unit is called "object pronoun" but most sentences have just subject words. I am Italian and I would say "sono io" to translate it is me and never "sono me". In this case "me" is the person who performs the action of being and this in grammar is a subject not an object. I can see it is the same in German and Spanish, Danish and English are a bit confusing on this point.


Yes, this sounds weird to me in Danish. In Swedish, unless I am mistaken, you can say "det är jag", and in English "it is I". "to be" does not take an object, it requires a subject.


Is it just me, or does this series of questions sound like someone was kidnapped and then returned?


It is I, LeClerc.


Anyone else hear "Derma" ? ffs haha


what? Can you please record that one more time?


Unfortunately I think the sound you are hearing is totally synthetic, no one recorded that, technically they have to upgrade the software


It is I should be accepted too


this is the first sentence I find in this unit and it is a bit confusing in a grammatical way (though it is quite is to use and translate). there is not a real object in this sentence. I am the subject and the object of the sentence at the same time. not a great example, I think.


The "mig" at the end is impossible to hear. It is just some silent mumbling if even that. Also the "dem" in some sentences. They have to fix that


proper english is it is I


It is I would be propper ENGLISH

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