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"Ólaim uisce agus ólann sibh bainne."

Translation:I drink water and you drink milk.

August 26, 2014



I love how "bainne" sounds! Anyone else? Maybe it's it's just me.


I love how everything sounds in Irish... :-)


me too... irish is such a beautiful language..........


I have trouble hearing the difference between Ólann and Ólaim :c


are there other words where you have difficulties to here if they end with "n" oder "m"? Maybe it is to familiar for your ear to reflect. It could be helpful if you do it like we do in musicstudio by hold your hand behind your ear and form the outer part of it all little bit more round and take the rest of your hand - fingers closed - as a second ear part, as if your ear gets larger. If you still have difficulties try also to concentrate and close your eyes while listening, good luck to you


When I did this one, it wouldn't let me pass it until I put in 'ye'. I was very confused yet oddly satisfied.


I kinda wish theyd say "yall" instead of "you" when it's plural


I finally get why I only get this sentence right by chance. Thanks!

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