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"Er zitten veel kinderen in deze tram."

Translation:There are many children in this tram.

August 26, 2014



“on this tram” would be a better English (U.S.) translation.


Hi Doug,

Did you report it? There's nothing mods can do about this, but if you report it, the contributors will see it - they're the ones who can add missing translations.


"There are a lot of children in this tram" was marked incorrect. Crazy!


Hi Stuart,

Did you report it?


It sounds like "tram" is pronounced "trem". It's that correct?


Is it zitten because the children are actually sitting or because they are inside the tram?


Actually zitten feels a bit unusual here. It makes it sound like this tram contains a lot of children. Like er zit veel fruit aan deze boom. Or er zitten veel kleren in mijn kast.

It could mean there are many children that are sitting, in the tram. But that would be an unusual thing to want to say and because of the ambiguity of the sentence you wouldnt likely say it like that. (More like veel kinderen in de tram zitten. Many children in the tram are sitting )

So this sentence sounds a bit unusual to me. But who knows maybe in parts of the Netherlands this does sound normal.


This is exactly what confused me. Whether zitten refers to being in a container or the act of sitting. However, I am not sure if Er zijn veel kinderen in deze tram would be more appropiate

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