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"He is eating in the kitchen without her."

Translation:Hij eet zonder haar in de keuken.

August 26, 2014



Is there any difference between "Hij eet in de keuken zonder haar." (what I entered) and "Hij eet zonder haar in de keuken."?

Both are accepted, but are they any different? Is one "more correct" than the other, or are they the same?


I would probably say "Hij eet in de keuken zonder haar" just because I prefer putting the prepositional phrase last, keeping adverbs right after the verb. I'm not sure if one is really more "correct," but probably based on personal preference. :)


Why is "Hij is aan het eten..." not accepted here?


It's likely that "Hij is in de keuken zonder haar aan het eten" is unaccepted just because they didn't think to put it as an alternative translation. I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be accepted. :)


Is "Hij is in de keuken zonder haar aan het eten" wrong? I thought "aan het + verb" usually came in the end of the sentence...


What exactly popped up when it said it was wrong? Did it say it was because of the word order or was the "is aan het" format just not accepted? If it's the latter I suggest you report it because you wrote that correctly. If it's the former, I'm not sure how else it would be written...


I just added that translation. "Zonder haar", "in de keuken" and "aan het eten" are actually possible in any order, so that is 3! = 6 different word orders for the continuous construction. There were still a couple missing, but now all of them should be accepted.


Great! Thank you for confirming that! :D


When did you add them? It's 11 January 2016 where I am, and it still isn't accepting the one with, "aan het eten"


Is "zonder haar" placed before "in de keuken" to stress that he is eating alone (assuming it concerns only the both of them ), assuming their usual place of eating is the kitchen?

[deactivated user]

    Why can't I use "he" ??

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