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  5. "Maidin go tráthnóna."

"Maidin go tráthnóna."

Translation:Morning to evening.

August 26, 2014



Reported: Shouldn't "tráthnóna" also be translated as "afternoon", no?


if DUO gives afternoon as an alternate translation, why is it considered WRONG ??


Check out the old English ecclesiastical word "nones". In Irish it's "nóin", or "nóna" in the genitive. It signifies the ninth hour after sunrise. "Tráth" means a period of time.


Note also that at Ireland's latitude, sunset is less than 9 hours after sunrise from early November to early February.

The shortest day of the year in Ireland is about 7 and a half hours long, from sunrise to sunset, the week before Christmas Day.


Who is to say what is correct when we ae having Midnight Mass at 4:00 pm


I tried "dawn to dusk." No go. :(


could this be catholic church influence ? In Latin NONA means "HORA NONA " in Spanish, i.e. middle of the afternoon.. Could "trath" be related to Portuguese " Tras" meaning " beyond" Tras os Montes = beyond the mountains ? So trathnona = beyond(after) middle afternoon..


I thought this didn't make sense so I added 'from' in the beginning of the sentence... which didn't work, obviously... does it make sense to ye?


Mnemonics: tráthnóna -> trans-noon Hope it helps!

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