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  5. "Téann tú."

"Téann tú."

Translation:You go.

August 26, 2014



Tèan tú cailín


What is the difference between this and "ta tu ag dul"?


"Téann tú" means "you go", but "tá tú ag dul" means "you are going"


Can this be imperative?


The imperative form would be Téigh! — the imperative second person singular form is the lemma of an Irish verb.


Good to know. There have been a few good tips on here recently and not a small number of them have been yours, scilling.

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No. There's a separate imperative form (that's just gone entirely ou of my head for this verb).


Excuse me, please, just an observation. The verb: To go ( translated into Gaelic by Téann tu ), belongs to the second or first conjugation? I see that the final part, in the sentence, is written as: Téann tú, is added -ann to the final part, when is cutted -igh, from téigh, and that means Teigh belongs to the first conjugation, and not to the second conjugation. Or not?


Ok. Thank you very much. I also saw here in this web site the Gaelic Grammar, and I think it will be useful to everyone. http://www.nualeargais.ie/gnag/gram.htm


Can someone explain the different between 'sibh' and 'tú'?


Since you asked this a month ago, you probably know the answer now, but "sibh" is the plural "you."


go raibh maith agat!

[deactivated user]

    If é is slender, why does "Té" in this case get the broad ending "ann"?


    The purpose of the leathan le leathan, caol le caol rule is to align the vowels on either side of a consonant. There is no rule that requires the vowel next to a vowel agree, because that would prevent ae, ai, ea, eo, ia, etc, etc ever occurring. As é is what makes the T slender, and there is no need for the é to agree with the following vowel, there is no need to choose the "slender" eann ending, particularly as it would mean that téann would be spelled téeann, and that middle e* would serve no purpose, and Irish doesn't use double vowels.


    Could you say this as a command?


    Gives me a vague Iron Giant feeling. Téim, fan tú

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