"Is dalta é ach ní daltaí iad."

Translation:He is a student but they are not students.

August 26, 2014

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Is pupil not a better translation of dalta? To me it implies school pupil rather than (university) student (Mac léinn). At least both should be accepted.


Yes, good point. You are correct, and hence you should report it.


Depends on where you're learning, of course. Americans don't use the word pupil.


I use the word pupil and I'm american.


This is true. I read cosull's comment a few times trying to figure out what he was saying before I realized it might be a UK thing haha.


It's an Irish thing, I'm not sure about the UK. My point was that at least both should be accepted. 'Pupil' is marked incorrect even though it would be a better translation into English as spoken in Ireland. And it might be helpful to note that you would not use the word 'dalta' in irish when referring to a university student, for example, you would use 'mac léinn'.


Why do people always make the comment about US usage? That is irrelevant because Duolingo is used by people around the world, not just the US.


Is there an equivalent of "He's a student but they're not"?


I wrote "he is a student but they are not". I could see that students was repeated but considered that in English it's not necessary to repeat the noun.


Would emphatic pronouns be appropriate here, to intensify the contrast? Is dalta eisean ach ní daltaí iadsan. - would that be right?


Would be acceptable to "is data é ach níl siad".

It feels a bit redundant to say student twice.


It's a copular construction, so it would have to be ní hiad, rather than níl siad, and you would use the contrastive form ní hiadsan.


Go raibh maith agat

I havn't come across the contrastive form as of yet


Why not "Is é delta é..."? I think I just read something about a prohibition against putting "Is" immediately adjacent to a definite noun, so that a subpredicate was required between them.


dalta isn't a definite noun - an dalta is a definite noun.

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