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Most Of My Peers Didn't Know Irish Is An Actual Language, Not Just English With An Irish Accent. -_-

It was very dissapointing. :/ -_-

August 26, 2014



It's even worse when they try to argue with you that you're wrong about Irish being a language.

(It's so nice to live in the age of Google and Wikipedia!)


Yes, that's exactly what happened!


"Noooo, it's called Gaelic!"


Just tell them. =) Some people are ignorant about languages but we're all ignorant on something. There is an Irish accent so they're not wrong 100% but there's also Irish Gaelic.


I did tell them, but thanks. :)


I know that feel. I had an Irish song playing in the car once and my friends were like "What is this? It sounds so weird"
Then came the long explanation of how Irish is an actual language. Always fun.


Yup, I can totally relate.


I watched lots of Scottish Gaelic television when I was young, so all the Celtic languages of Britain never shocked me. Although I was stunned as an adult when I found there was a Celtic language alive in France.

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I went to Ireland with ~30 classmates in June. I think I was the only one who was aware there was an Irish language (even though it was advertised that we were going to be traveling through the Gaeltachts) or had even heard of the Troubles before. It was sure fun in (London)Derry when the tour guide talked to us about Bloody Sunday and we learned that there had been a bombing there a week before we got there.

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