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  5. "Tugaimid é."

"Tugaimid é."

Translation:We give it.

August 26, 2014



Any tips for distinguishing "tóga" and "tuga"?


so the two verbs are Tóg and Tabhair, 1st meaning to take 2nd to give. If you type these verbs into this site you can get a complete conjugation in all tenses of each


I meant pronunciation-wise


Im having the same problem. Its doing my head in. Same with sibh and siad


This...seems incomplete. Is "é" here a direct object or an indirect object? In other words, do we give "it" or do we give "to it"?


It is a direct object, so, yeah, the sentence seems a bit incomplete. With this verb, the indirect object will be expressed with the preposition do: Tugann sé póg di. (He gives her a kiss / He gives a kiss to her.)


Good question. In English the "to" that normally signifies the indirect object can be omitted sometimes, though it can sound weird. i.e.:

I give her the ball <--> I give it to her <--> I give her it.

So I second the question: can this work similarly in Gaeilge?


No; your example in Irish would be Tugaim an liathróid diTugaim di í. The indirect object nearly always follows the direct object; exceptions are when the direct object is a pronoun, when the direct object is part of a prepositional pronoun of a phrasal verb, or when the verb is in the imperative mood.


I thought Tugaim could mean both "I give" or "I bring" but it only accepts "I give" as the correct answer


Tugaim le or tugaim chun/chuig are usually needed for the “bring” meaning.


Go raibh maith agat. Múra mhiste leat, an féidir leat scríobh cúpla abairt le "Tugaim le" agus "Tugaim chun/chuig"?

  • Tugaim builín aráin agus spóla uaineola agus crúiscín fíona liom.
  • Tugaim bláthanna nó bosca seacláidí chuici go minic.
  • Tugaim bréagán stuáilte chun linbh.
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