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The new sound for getting a correct answer...

Scared the &$*% out of me. They must have implemented it AS I was doing Duolingo, I had no idea what the sound was and I spent like 15 minutes checking my extra tabs like FB and Youtube trying to discover the origin of the sound.

That being said... I like it. :)

May 24, 2013



I couldn't wait to turn it off, so annoying.


I enjoy the sound for failing too. Failing is way more fun now!

But, I don't know if this is because of the new sound effects in any way, I am encountering a bug (at least using Safari). I was practicing all skills, timed practice, and sometimes it would get to an audio question and the audio wouldn't play and the clock would appear to freeze (though it still counts down internally). Even if I clicked the play button, nothing happened, but I could play the slow audio. Once I did that and answered the question, the clock would start counting again, from wherever it ought to be after the time I took.


I too had an audio question where the sound would not play. I pressed the slow audio also - no sound. I had to skip the question and loose a heart. This has happened twice.


I like it, going back to my lesson and see if there is a sound effect for wrong answer.


Just one thing...the new sound is MUCH louder than the voice reading the sentences. That means that when I turn up the volume to hear the voice, the sound of correct answer becomes too loud. I like the new sound, but I will have to turn it off for being too loud.


We agree and changed this - the sound should now be about half as loud and reasonable relative to the voice. Sorry about that!


That's great, thanks :)


Exactly the same here. I like the idea, but if I turn the sound effects down to a bearable level, the speech is reduced to inaudible mumbling.


I agree. I like the sound effects, but they're a tad too loud compared to the TTS voice.


It surprised me too yesterday. That said, I think it's very helpful. Definitely I vote to keep it.


Yeah we just pushed this a few minutes ago - sorry for the scare!;)


Could you please make it optional? I don't like it and it disturbs my learning experience =/

EDIT: just saw there are settings for that already, thanks =)


It already is - just turn it off in settings:)


It is optional. Go to settings and opt out of "sound effects".


The new sound for completing a skill box is pretty glorious. I better hear the French National Anthem when I get my trophy! ;)


I LOVE the sound of the parchment unrolling! This is so whimsical!


I do love it, but I wish it were not so loud. If I turn down the volume, I must turn down the volume for everything. (The parchment sound is at a good level.)


your reply sounded like it it was implemented to everybody. Now we know.


Yeah, it surprised me this morning too. I rather like it!


I don't have it, nor is it an option on my profile.


This is currently only pushed to half our users. If we see people seem to like it, it will be pushed to everyone:)


I think this should be introduced somehow. Maybe show a popup on the first session, like: "Hey, we've added new sounds, try them out! If you don't like them, you can switch them off in your profile settings." A more "personal" notification than a thread in Discussions feels better.

I think something like that could be done for all updates. Not everybody reads discussions and very often people fail to find the right announcement and post their questions in new threads.


I thought so.. I'm not getting the sounds :/ o.O haha


I like the sounds but I've been hearing mostly the WOMP WOMP WOMP of failure.


If you persevere the rewards will be great. Just imagine when someone tries to speak to you at the moment you're getting a big loud end-of-lesson fanfare. You will legitimately be able to reply: "Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am!"


Yeah I didn't know what it was and looked. When I realised I was like "This is amazing!"

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