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  5. "Cén leabhar a léann sí?"

"Cén leabhar a léann sí?"

Translation:What book does she read?

August 27, 2014



The correct sentence should actually be "Which book does she read?", and that's why Cén is the correct answer instead of Céard. (Since Cén = Which and Céard = What)

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cén can mean "which", but it usually means "what".


In the form of what equals what


When selecting this as a multiple-choice, why does "Cén" make the most sense rather than the others?


why would céard not work here instead of "Cén"


so why do we need "a"?


How exactly is 'a' functioning grammatically here? It doesn't actually appear to be a verb (='do') as the tooltip indicates. Does it tag the sentence as a question?

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It's a relative particle - the "that" in "What is the book that she reads?"


Would “Which book does she read?” also be a possible translation for this sentence?


I would say yes but of course the course is in beta,


Exactly, which is why it is important to report things that you think should also be accepted, so that they can be made aware of it.


accepted for me 1/10/14 :)


So... on mobile this comes up as a multiple choice question with cá and cé as the only options for the fiest word, the correct answer offered is cén, and there does not seem to be a way to flag it.


I reported it. 3/5/15


How can Irish makes the distinction between "what" and "which"? It does not always matter in English, but occasionally the more accurate "which" is better. For example, it doesn't particularly matter if I ask "What bus do you catch home?" or "Which bus do you catch home?"; but if I am looking at a tray of different varieties of ice cream, I might ask myself "Which (one) shall I have?" but not "What (one) shall I have?"

I thought Cé acu leabhar a léann sí? but I am a bit thrown by the singular leabhar. Can anyone help with this conundrum?

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What makes you think that there's a difference between "what bus do you catch home?" (which you find acceptable) and "what one shall I have?" (which you find unacceptable)?

If instead of "which one shall I have?" you had said "which of them shall I have?", then swapping "what" for "which" is indeed a problem, and so cé acu is closer to "which of them".

Your concern with the singular leabhar is probably due to the confusion in English between the singular "which book" and the plural "which (one) of the books".

Note also that cé acu is used for "whether" - cé acu is maith leat é nó nach maith - "whether you like it or not".


I said "what book is she reading" Its not a literal translation but works better in English.

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It doesn't "work better" in English, because it means something else. Irish and English both differentiate between the simple present and the present continuous, though not all European languages make that distinction.

The Irish for "what book is she reading?" is cén leabhar atá sí a léamh?

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