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european spanish course

every spanish person I meet tells me I should make sure I am learning european spanish vocab etc because I am trying to learn european spanish, pronoucniation is just a matter of accent but some words are totally different, please can duolingo address this

August 27, 2012



This is my problem as well. I am noticing a lot of difference in the Spanish on this site from the Spanish I have been learning, quite a disappointment. I thought it was European Spanish.


something like 41 million speakers in spain and thats just in spain! most people who speak spanish in europe will speak european spanish, so duolingo really should include a european spanish option even just for vocabulary would help, for starters the accent is easier to negotiate


do you think accent is not important??? i would say some accents are of unimportance because they are understandable....but some, definitely, are not.

I have been 26 years studying spanish in spain (even though my mother language is not spanish). and well, here in spain there are a lot of people son southamerica, how to say.....i do understand mexicans colombians and venezuelans pretty good ((if you remove the vocabulary they use and that i dont know).....but i have even more trouble when talking with the rest.

The thing becomes even worse when speaking to ignorant people, they cannot write properly because they write how they pronounce, and since they pronounce in latin american then they are not able to write properly (you can see this on internet forums)

and well.--if you are english you should learn spanish, from spain i mean. sometimes i dont even understand andalusians (southern spanish) or canarians (spanish islands) when they are on tv.

Even sometimes in national spanish tv chanels they put subtitles when some people from southamerica, andalucia, etc speaks very fast....because the ones with the proper spanish dont understand ....


I second this idea. But one might ask how many speakers european spanish has and how many speakers are from south america. I guess it's more like 1:3 to 1:4 or something.


Here we go again. Justifying the latin america versions by how many people are in Latin America. It's NOT how many people that ALREADY speak the version of the language that's important. It's how many WANT to do so.


And if you get right down to it, the most populous Latin American nation does NOT speak Spanish. They speak their version of PORTUGUESE!

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