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  5. "Jeg har skjorte på."

"Jeg har skjorte på."

Translation:I wear a shirt.

August 27, 2014



The translation says it is a shirt but there is not en in the sentence!


The Tips and Notes state:

One more thing to note is that in Danish it is possible to omit the article before the thing you’re wearing. For instance:

• Jeg har en kjole på → literally I have a dress on meaning I am wearing a dress

• Jeg har kjole på → literally I have dress on meaning I am wearing a dress

Both options are correct, though, so don’t worry. ;) Most often the second one (without article) is used, while the first one is chosen if one wishes to add emphasis to the item being worn.


If both are correct, it should not be an error


Is this specific to 'at have/tage på', or can the article be omitted in other situations? Would just "jeg har skjole" be ok without the article?

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