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I want to know how long I've been studying for

Not a huge deal, but is there a way to know how long you've been studying for? I just want to track my progress, and it would be helpful to know.

Cheers in advance!

August 27, 2014



thanks very helpful


This has been suggested before. Pretty good idea, but some people might be ashamed of how much time they've spent. ;)


I believe Duolingo added this to the settings somewhere. I'll go check. :)

Edit: found it. Go to "settings" by clicking your username in the blue bar above. This will take you to "Accounts" from their choose "Profile" (But not before then or youll end up on the wrong "profile" option. For some reason we have two diff pages with the same name :P). From here you will see a blue "connect to facebook" button. Just above that you will see "learning since" and a date :)


A date doesn't give you the opportunity to know the combined minutes and hours you have spent.


Ah ok.I don't think there is anything more specific than what someone chooses to keep in a log book. I've done that before with a classroom course I was taking. But at this time, Duolingo does not offer that feature.


Perfect! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, mate.


Oh good! I'm glad :)


I think this only shows the date your Duolingo account was created. There doesn't seem to be an indicator of when you started working on a particular language. I finished the Spanish tree before starting German, but when I go to Settings>Accounts>Profile while in either language, the date shows as 2015-04-25 for both.


The facebook thing didn't work for me but I found another, perhaps more thorough option (provided your account isn't already part of a "class"). Go to your profile, then go to "Progress Sharing" and put your own email in the "Share progress with" box. Check your email and follow the link: after logging in, you should have access to a date/time stamp for each activity you have completed (e.g., | May 18, 2016 | 3:51 PM| Basics 1 | 1/3 | 10 XP|). Not ideal, but better than nothing! I copied mine into a spreadsheet in case I want to crunch the numbers later... Hope this helps!


its not the same now, do you have to create a class now to do that. This is important to know time spent...is there a solution for this now__

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