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"We have stayed there for three months."

Translation:Wij zijn daar drie maanden gebleven.

August 27, 2014



Why does daar or er go before drie maanden? I though it went time then place. Does this not count for daar and er?


Probably because the focus is on the place that was mentioned previously. It wouldn't be correct to place "er" afterwards and if you were to use "daar" you would expect some continuation like "wij zijn drie maanden daar gebleven en daarna zijn we doorgereisd naar..." (we stayed there for three months and then we continued our travel to...).


Oh, alright. Thanks!


Related to your example, I read that the perfect present isn't used for ongoing affairs as it is in english so is 'stayed' a better translation?


Also correct is: "We hebben daar drie maanden doorgebracht"

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