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" uainn éisteacht leis an gcailín."

Translation:We want to listen to the girl.

August 27, 2014



I wrote "We need to listen to the girl" and this was not accepted. Is "we need" and "we want" not the same in Irish ??


I also put "we need to" I would flag it if i knew my translation was correct.


I don't think this translation is right. When you hover over the words it says that the "eisteacht" means "to listen" and that "leis an" means "with the", but not that "eisteacht leis an" means "to listen to the". I'm not an expert but maybe the shift should be included when you hover over the words to check their meanings.


The translation is correct. éist le means "listen to".


I'm sure it is. I just think that if Duolingo is going to have the drop down that tells you what things mean while you're in a lesson, then it should have that one add to the list, since not everyone learns the same way and not everyone using Duolingo is multilingual or a polyglot, is all. It also doesn't explain why it's wrong, so it can be difficult to figure out what you're doing wrong in the lessons.


That's for sure! How on earth, just from the Duolingo lesson, would I ever figure that out? I said "listen with the girl" and was surprised when I got it wrong.


Can someone tell me why "uainn" is near the start of the sentence instead of the end? I think its because we want "to do something (to do a verb)" instead of we want "to have something (to have a noun)". I'm not sure though.


Yes, it is because you can't say Tá (verb) ó ....

A verb can't be the subject of another verb


Would “listen with the girl” also be an acceptable translation for éisteacht leis an gcailín?


No, not really. The preposition "le" with "éist" means "to listen to".


Would a different verb and/or preposition be used for “listen with”?


Do you mean "to listen alongside", as in "I listen to the music with my girlfriend", meaning that we are both listening to it together?

Otherwise I'm not sure exactly what "to listen with" means in English.


Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.


Éistim leis an gceol i dteannta mo chailín

= (Literally) I listen with/to the music in/with my girlfriend's support

= I listen to the music with my girlfriend.


I wrote "leis a gcailín" because that's what I heard. We need to listen to their girl makes sense to me. Not accepted.


"We need to listen to their girl" is *Tá uainn éisteacht lena gcailín".

leis is either "with him/it", or it is the combination of le and a definite article - leis an or leis na, meaning "with the".

le + a -> lena.


I would help please to understand th word placement of "uaim" following tá, and not at the end of the sentence like other examples! Thank you!!


When you want a thing, the thing is the subject of the verb (or teastaíonn). Tá rud uaim.

But when you want a verb, like "to listen", it can't be the subject of another verb, so it is moved beyond the preposition - tá uaim éisteacht.


Should "we need to listen to the girl" be accepted?

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