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"Winter is the strawberry season."

Terjemahan:Musim dingin adalah musim stroberi.

August 27, 2014

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Kenapa menggunakan the, bukan winter is strawberry season? Tolong penjelasannya


'the' is a very difficult subject. Articles in English grammar such as 'the' many English language learners will never get right.

So if we are talking about something we would often use 'a' or 'an' = 'sebuah', 'seorang' etc. if singular, eg. 'he ate a cake' = 'dia memakan sebuah kue' or no article if plural eg. 'he ate cakes' = 'dia memakan kue-kue'. However if we know what the subject is we would use 'the'='ini', 'itu', '...nya' so for instance I may have just told you I bought or made cakes eg. he ate the cakes = 'dia memakan kue ini/itu' or 'dia memakan kue'.

'the' would be used when referring to something generalised eg. 'I play the guitar (any guitar)' = 'saya bermain gitar'. 'this' = 'ini' and 'that' = 'itu' are used when referring to specific object(s) so 'I will play this guitar' = 'saya akan memainkan gitar ini'. However you dont need to use it when talking about things in general eg. 'I play guitar' = ' saya bermain gitar'.

However there are many exceptions to usage in particular cases and other ways 'the' is used as well (eg. uncountable nouns)!

In this case 'winter is strawberry season' should also be correct, as you are talking about winters and strawberry seasons generally not just one season. If marked as wrong raise it with duolingo.

So for this answer


Winter is not the strawberry season. The strawberry season is at the start of the summer (June in the northern hemisphere).


Oh yeah? I don't understand about it


During winter as its cold plants do not grow, the plants grow spring to autumn and then die or die back ("hibernate") at winter. This means that food such as vegetables and fruit are available at certain times of the year rather than all year round like in the tropics.


Musim dingin itu muskm strawberry ya?

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