"Jeg ved din hest drikker vin."

Translation:I know your horse drinks wine.

August 27, 2014

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I am guessing from this sentence that Danish often leaves out "that" (e.g., I know THAT your horse drinks wine), just like in English. Is that correct?


Yes, that is correct :-)


I love this Danish course so much, as well as the people here, really... Most are usually so good-humoured and polite - the comments never fail to amuse and teach us.

(off-topic/random, I know, but worth mentioning it, since it's been utterly hard for me to actually enjoy anything all)

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Why doesn't "ved" end with "-er" like most other verbs in the present tense?


Yep irregular. Like "vet" in Swedish for example, that also means "to know"


Or "know" in English for that matter. You probably wouldn't say "I am knowing that your house drinks wine"


Horse, house, whatever.


Irregular verb? They warned us about them...


Still have no idea what the difference between din and jeres is.


    Din/Dit/Dine is when you're speaking to one person, jeres is when you're speaking to more than one, or about something that a group owns if you're speaking to a person from that group. For example: Jeg elsker din hund = I love your dog (either it's only this person's dog or you don't know someone else also owns them)
    Jeg elsker jeres hund = I love your dog (You might be speaking to the multiple people who own the dog or speaking someone from the family and know they are part of the family/it's come up in conversation.

    Think of the difference like the difference between "your" and "y'all's" in colloquial southern US English


    does dutch also use i/jeres as a polite 2nd singular form?


    Heard it through the grapevine...


    The grapevine that crushed The grapes through to make the wine?


    I love these surreal sentences


    "ved" here translates to "know", but if you check, for example, on google it translates to by. Is that a matter of where the word is occurring?


    Ved as pronoun (by) is not the same as ved as verb (know). The same word is used in different functions. If you recognize the function, you know how to translate it. Google can't always help you with this.


    Why an S for drinks????? It is not present tense but SUBJONCTIF MODE : It should be drink, no?


    Not drinks but DRINK


    Actually, it would be 'drinks' because it is a 3rd person situation. I'm not talking about me or the person I'm addressing, I'm talking about the horse.

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