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  5. "Bjørnen spiser dem."

"Bjørnen spiser dem."

Translation:The bear is eating them.

August 27, 2014



The [d] consonant is not what bothers me about this voicing; it's the vowel! What are we supposed to use; open E, closed e, tall i ([I]), or is it simply a d and an m mashed together, with no vowel at all, as this vocalization suggests?


I think the most practical idea is to try pronouncing d-m without the vowel, so to say. It's those sounds which are distinctive, so everyone will understand you. Danish vowels are tricky.


Why isn't "the bear is eating those" also correct?


Those means "plural thing or person over there". Them is a just a plural thing or person.


individual words "dem" is heard clearly. But used in a sentence only hear "m" - is this the natural pronunciation or an error?

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