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  5. "Múinteoirí is ea iad."

"Múinteoirí is ea iad."

Translation:They are teachers.

August 27, 2014



Compared with:

Is múinteoirí iad = They are teachers

this sentence puts emphasis on "Múinteoirí", but the meaning is the same. In the South of the country however it replaces "Is múinteoirí iad".


Is it "they are TEACHERS" vs "THEY are teachers", or am I misunderstanding?


It is: They are teachers (Is múinteoirí iad) vs. They are TEACHERS (Múinteoirí is ea iad).

Neither version has emphasis on 'they'.


They're teachers, so teachers they are (yoda mood is on).


Is the "is ea" here pronounced "sha" or "is ay"?


As advised by Talideon in chapter "Questions":

The pronoun 'ea' is only ever used with 'is'. In speech, 'is ea' is often pronounced 'sea' /ʃa/.


Is it the sense of "Teachers is what they are."???


what is "ea" exactly?


On it's own, its "Space, interval; length, distance, extent". But most of the time it's not on it's own - it's used with the copula (is ea, ní hea) and the FGB says that it's a "neuter pronoun", and provides lots of examples. Is ea is as close to "yes" as it get's in Irish (though "it is" might be a better rendition).


Why " múinteoirí is EA iad" but " is múinteoir mé"? I cannot understand when you need " ea" and when you don't. Could someone explain? Thank you


'is ea' is used to stress or emphasize, in this case 'teachers. You can say, 'Is múinteoir mé' but you aren't stressing/emphasizing any word in particular. When you say, 'Múinteoir is ea mé', you are emphasizing your particular profession (out of pride) or possibly correcting someone who thought you did something else.

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