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  5. "Ólaimid an fíon anocht."

"Ólaimid an fíon anocht."

Translation:We drink the wine tonight.

August 27, 2014



Just wondering should this sentence be: "Ólfaimid an fíon anocht." Because does tonight not imply that it is the future?


Like in English, Italian and other Indo-European languages, the present tense can be used to express something that's planned in the future.


Go raibh maith agat :)


jackmchugh12 is correct in his wondering — this is mostly not the case in Irish. Cases when it would happen are following and cha (the Ulster version of ).


Yes, as scilling said this is mostly not the case in Irish. Post my comment below, I did a sample read of three novels and didn't find a single instance of the present being used for the logical future.


Yes it should be. Irish uses the future tense for almost all future events, the most common exception being with "Má" clauses.

Má ólaimíd an fíon anocht, ní bheidh aon fíon againn amáireach.

(Note: I am intentionally not leniting "f" in "fíon" as it is common to leave "f" unmodified after "aon" in native speech for comprehension.

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