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  5. "Jeg læser."

"Jeg læser."

Translation:I read.

August 27, 2014



Is there any difference in pronunciation between speaking a whole sentence and saying each word separately? I heard Jeg "leh-ser" (sounds like "pleasure" without P), but when hovering over the word "læser", it was pronounced "lee-ser" (sounds like "lizard") instead.


They are both correct, in their own sense.

  • When you listen to the full sentence, she pronounces the verb "read". It is pronounced correctly, with stød.
  • When you listen to the single word, she is pronouncing the noun "reader" (someone who reads). It is also pronounced correctly, without stød, for this meaning.

If you were to say the verb by itself, it would be pronounced like it is in the full sentence -- similarly, if you wanted to use the noun a reader (en læser) in a sentence, it would be pronounced like the TTS pronunces the single word.

You can listen to the two and compare on Forvo:


I got it. Thanks a lot for the very clear explanation ^_^. So, in Danish, a word may have different ways to pronounce as well as various meanings depending on how it is pronounced. I think this should be introduced in Tips & Notes :)


I don't know your native language, but the same thing happens in English. PROduce is a noun, proDUCE is a verb.


Depending where you live they may be pronounced the same way. At least my "dialect" is as such. More of how it's used that defines which meaning it takes.


You're welcome :)

Yes you're right, that would be a good point to make! It doesn't occur very often, though, thankfully. But probably often enough to warrant a short note :)


How is "jeg" actually pronouced? I've heard in different audios as "[ya]", "[EE-er]", and just "[ee]" (sounds are approximated, obviously) - how is it supposed to be said?


[jaj] would be the correct way to pronounce it, but in every day language it is often truncated to [ja].

Generally a lot of words are truncated in everyday danish like kan -> ka or ikke -> ik. It's just something you have to learn from practice :-)


Can't it also mean "I study"?


Yes. If you as an example say:

"I study economics"

You can translate it to:

"Jeg læser økonomi"

But it can also be translated as:

"Jeg studerer økonomi"


Is it should be with other word behind it ? I wrote - i learn -but it was wrong... is it only meaning study and read? Not learn ?


I learn is "Jeg lærer"


We can say that in English, (UK as far as I know...) But only if you study a degree at uni. Like: 'I read history at Cambridge.' I suppose that's another tricky thing about English is which one should you use?


it feels like æ is substituting for swedish ä


It is! Same goes with 'ø' and 'ö' (:


The Danish vowels are pronouced pretty much like Vietnamese vowels. Once you learn Vietnamese you will see

[deactivated user]

    I thought she said "a laser" lol


    I hear Jeg as "e". So it goes something like "e lee-seh". But in previous lessons Jeg was pronounced as "yah" Any helpful comments?!


    Does "Jeg læser." only mean I read, or can it also mean I'm reading?


    Yes, if you mouse over "læser" one of the definitions includes "am reading"


    I have no idea what I've gotten myself into... I'm too invested in this to give up, though. So, meh...


    But your danish is only level three, and It's a pretty simple language to learn for an english speaker. German is a fair bit harder, I've gotten to fourteen and I'd never say "Oh woe is me, what a mess I've gotten into". Plus what does this have to do with the situation at hand that you should say this?


    Is there no conjugation in scandinavian langauges? If so that's an awesome break from German and French.


    Is it læser , mean æ is double ee ?


    I can't speak in terms of the whole language, but in this word it sounds more like the 'a' in 'grape'. by ee I think you mean the sound of 'ee' in 'bee' correct? I think this is pronounced the same as english 'laser'.


    New words popped up but I had not seen these before so didnt know what they meant! Where are they for me to see them before doing the exercise?


    If you hover over the word with your mouse (on the website) or tap the word (on the app) then it should come up with some translations of the word with the top one usually, but not always later on in the course, being closest to the "best" translation. This works in exercises translating both from English to Danish and from Danish to English.


    You can cheat by pressing the words that your supposed to guess what they mean (it works true)


    They say 'yu' for Jeg, but i pronounce it yeg or something like that, they say it so fast that i cannot hear it... Someone help!


    I pronounce "jeg" like "yie"... kinda like "pie" but with a "y" sound instead :)

    But I think it can differ slightly depending on where you are in Denmark. I'm picking up pronunciation from my boyfriend who is from West Jutland - and apparently they just converse with noises haha!


    imma fier mah laizoer


    I think its hard to hear some of the words. I swear it said en læser



    The answer I wrote was wrong even though it was the same as the "correct" answer.

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