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  5. "Vind je voetbal leuk?"

"Vind je voetbal leuk?"

Translation:Do you like soccer?

August 27, 2014



Out of curiosity, would "football" be accepted as well as "soccer"? It's called "football" in the UK.


although the rules are quite clear on the point when to put a -t ending regarding je/jij, still I have typed the question with a -t (vind-t jij) because that is what I have heard when i clicked on the play/speaker button.

do you also hear a -t where I do? if not i'd better make an appointment and see the local doctor about it. xD


When a word ends on a ''d'' the ''d'' is pronounced as a ''t''. So both ''vind'' and ''vindt'' are pronounced as ''vint''. So you don't need to see your doctor if you heard a ''t'' :)


You do indeed hear a 't' where there is a 'd', but in Dutch there are some rules for present forms. 'je/jij vindt' is written with a 't', but 'vind je' has no 't' in it however, 'hij vindt' is with a 't' and 'vindt hij' is also with a 't' in a sentence with 'vindt je broer' (where 'je broer' refers to 'hij') there is also a 't' used Hope that makes it a bit clearer! :)


So when referring to American Football (NFL and the like) is there a different word for that, or is that simply called "American Football" in the Netherlands?

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We just call it 'American Football' in Dutch, we do not even translate it to something like 'Amerikaans voetbal'.


Is there a noun just for "like"?


A facebook like is a 'vind-ik-leuk'. Although I think it would only be used in jest, and we'd just use 'like' as a loanword.


Why is ''Do you find football fun?'' not accepted?

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