"Spiser edderkoppen æblet?"

Translation:Is the spider eating the apple?

August 27, 2014

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Edderkoppen reminds me of enderman which is why I can remember the word.


Wait... what? (And I was just surprised you used that word, but it doesn't matter as long as it helps you remember :D)


Think of the enderman as creepy and associate creepy with spider. It might help remember the word.


Can anyone hear the "t" on aeblet?


It's a very soft t. Sounds more like a d. You can hear a Danish guy saying it on Forvo.


Can someone explain why this does not simply say "eat the spider the apple"? where does the question "is" or "does", that implies a question come into play? and how can I tell. It seems different than other sentences for some reason? Thanks!


Well, "eat the spider the apple" doesn't make any sense, does it?

In order to ask a question in Danish, you only need to change the word order and move the verb to the beginning of the sentence. Unlike in English, you don't use a copula (do, be, have, …) for this purpose.

Edderkoppen spiser æblet. – The spider eats the apple./The spider is eating the apple.

Spiser edderkoppen æblet? – Does the spider eat the apple?/Is the spider eating the apple?


How would you then say "Did the spider eat the apple?"


Spiste edderkoppen æblet?

Literally: "Ate the spider the apple?"


It won't accept "Does the spider eat the apple?". I don't know enough about tenses to know why :/


I translated this sentence as "do the spider eat the apple?" and it took me wrong. I asked a Danish native and it's supposed to be right. There's a bug here.


Do the spider … is not a valid English sentence. It would have to be Does the spider …


It sounds as if edderkoppen is pronounced "eelikoppen", am I hearing it correctly?


The Danish "d" can sound like an "l" to English speakers


The d is like a cross between an l and a d. Say an l like you just went to the dentist and got numbed up lol

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