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  5. "We wear the dress."

"We wear the dress."

Translation:Caithimid an gúna.

August 27, 2014



That's one spacious dress.


The world's largest wedding dress has a 20 ft train, meaning it has a base area of about 200 ft^2, or 185,806 cm^2. If we assume that the average human is about 170 cm tall and 45 cm wide, that would give the average human a frontal surface area of 7,650 cm^2. If we divide 185,806 cm^2 by 7,650 cm^2, we get the number 24.29. This means that about 24 people could fit under the train of that dress. You're right, CarpeGuitarrem, that is one spacious dress.


Either that or these are the same tiny women who all sit in one chair and live in the fridge with the peaches and sweets.


Does this accept "caitheann muid"?


Can someone explain "masculine" and "feminine" nouns please? I had trouble with englishngrowing up and never got much help, so maybenthat is part of the problem?


English no longer has gendered nouns - many (most?) other European languages do. Different languages have different ways of indicating gender - for example French has a different singular definite article for masculine (le) and feminine (la), whereas Irish only has one (an), but modifies the noun to indicate gender.

You can read probably more than you want to know about it in Wikipedia.

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