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Where I can practice speaking?

Where I can practice speaking?

May 25, 2013



Well, obviously, the best thing would be to go to a country where the language you're learning is spoken. That might not be possible, though. Try podcasts, where you can here real people speaking the language. I've tried Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French, and I'm pretty sure they have a German one (try googling it). It's real people talking, and they tell you how to prounounce words and phrases. You might want to practice at home, though, not in public, because it might look somewhat strange if you're babbling in German to yourself. And another great way is to take a class, if possible. Through school, through some community program, maybe even a tutor if you've got that kind of money. Then you can have a person actually there to help you with your speaking skills. Maybe try connecting with someone on this website who is a native speaker of the language you're learning, and you could call them.


Yes, they have German, it is in progress now.

As for podcasts, I can also recommend germanpod101.


If you're a gamer you could try playing with speakers of German.


In front of a mirror =D

But seriously I know Spanish lessons offer you pronunciation practice if that is what you are referring to the website.


jaxx, do you know games with communities which are appropriate? I'm bit afraid that gamers wouldn't show understanding for my mistakes.

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