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  5. "The mayor is speaking."

"The mayor is speaking."

Translation:Borgmesteren taler.

August 27, 2014



"Borgmesteren snakker" is now accepted as a correct response (though snakker is a bit less formal than taler, so taler would be a more contextually appropriate choice).


"Borgmesteren snakker" is not accepted. Why? Speak = tala but snakka = speak WITH, is that it?


It is correct, but unfortunately we cannot cover every single possibility. The course is still in beta for a reason. But if you report things like this, then the course becomes better :)


Thanks, I will. I just needed to have it confirmed first by a native so I don't waste your time by reporting stuff that is actually correct.


:) Appreciated, but we might accidentally miss the sentence discussion, and even if it's an incorrect report we can quickly dismiss it if we disagree :)


"Borgmesteren snakker" is a correct translation (or at least should have been).

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