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The Japanese font has been changed and is now weird...(日本語フォントが変更され、ヘンな文字に…)

The Japanese font has been changed lately and it looks weird. Hope to change it back to the old one or Hiragino...etc. Thanks! ^^

August 27, 2014



As a language contributor @S.Chx might have already communicated with the developers, let me add some details from the related discussion thread in Japanese:

In @Marilinx 's environment (Mac/Chrome), characters look like this:

font: 500 15px/20px "museo-sans-rounded",Helvetica,Arial,"Microsoft YaHei New","Microsoft Yahei","微软雅黑","宋体",SimSun,STXihei,"华文细黑",sans-serif

It seems Chinese serif fonts are applied depending on an environment (e.g. default lang in os/browser, fonts installed). In my environment (Windows 8 / Chrome) this issue is not replicable, although I see less beautiful Japanese typography than the ones I see on FB or Twitter, as seen below. (Note that character sizes and positions are not organized beautifully. See "言語" for instance.)

Here's what native Japanese would think better (css font-family replaced using Chrome Developer Tools):

font: 500 15px/20px Arial,”ヒラギノ角ゴ Pro W3″,”Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro”,Osaka,”メイリオ”,Meiryo,”MS Pゴシック”,”MS PGothic”,sans-serif;

In my experience, "region and language setting" in Windows also affects the priority of font to be selected among the font-family specified. But this issue reported by @Marilinx is another problem that happened recently (since around Aug 20?).

Developers: A web page that compares font families of different famous Japanese web sites may be useful to pick which ones to use for Duolingo.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, vote up and/or post your OS-browser settings.



Another Mac/Chrome (Version 37.0.2062.94) here with same font problems as @Marilinx. It's truly hard on the eyes and I hope it gets fixed soon.


All right! Now, the Japanese font has been back to the normal one. Thank you for your hard work, the duoLingo support team!!! (^_^)/


Thanks everyone for your corporation! We finally achieved our goal. ^_^

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