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  5. "Hunden drikker vandet."

"Hunden drikker vandet."

Translation:The dog is drinking the water.

August 27, 2014



I don't understand...in past lessons 'the water' was 'vanden', why is it now 'vandet'?


I'm not a Danish speaker, but I've reseached it: if you mean the drink it's vanden, and if you mean it as a substance, it's vandet. source


I'm Danish and I can confirm that this is almost correct. The normal definitive form is "vandet".

However, there is a special case: when you order a bottle of soda water in a restaurant, then you say "en vand, tak". It simply means an unspecified soda, so you'll probably be asked if you want a coke, orange, or so. I've never heard anybody say "her er vanden" ("here is the water"), I believe it's only used as "en vand".


I don't think that in this course it has ever been used as vanden, but as mgeisler says then it can be used to mean a soda.


right answer is not in the words


It's spelled as "vandet", but it's spoken as 'vanden'?


I can't tell the difference between "hunden" and "fuglen"! Four times I've said hunden when it was fuglen, so this time I made sure to say fuglen, and it WAS hunden! Aaaaaaaargh!

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