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  5. "Is it a pineapple?"

"Is it a pineapple?"

Translation:É um abacaxi?

May 25, 2013



ananás is the word for pineapple in Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, and many other parts of the lusophone world.


You are right, ananás means the same. In Brazil we say abacaxi much more than ananás, but if I'm not wrong, ananás is a kind of abacaxi, something like that, I don't get much about fruits...


I saw a Continental grocery store selling them as "abacaxis" in Porto so I think this one is mutually understandable.


It seems they are two varieties of the same fruit, I've heard.

In Brazil, "abacaxi" is the standard name, but "ananás" is not that foreign and you might hear it here and there.


Why oh why oh why does Duolingo want us to learn the word 'pineapple' at this stage?


Pineapple pronunciation: abakashí?


I have never heard pineapple called this. Usually it is ananás.


So formulating a sentence in Portuguesse doesn't affect the word order eh,? Unlike english where word order varies from demonstrative to interrogative. What are the rules concerning the Portuguesse word order? =(


The standard order is always "subject - verb - object". Questions do not change that.

Question words however (o que, qual, quem, etc.) tend to come at the beginning.

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