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  5. "Vi spiser de lyse ris."

"Vi spiser de lyse ris."

Translation:We eat the bright rice.

August 27, 2014



I don't understand when it's de and when it's den... if one is plural (de blå bukser) and one is singular (den røde bil) then why is it de ris?


Because "ris" is plural. It can also be singular, but then it would most likely be "et riskorn", which is " a grain of rice".


I figured I would add to this. It is very much treated like pants would be, and several other uncountable nouns. The only difference between Danish and English is that when using the definite article or form, then it declined according to the number, which it isn't in English. For instance: the pants = bukserne (pants = bukser), and when adding an adjective it becomes the purple pants = de lilla bukser, since the definite article is moved in front of the adjective describing the noun.


I still couldn't understand the difference between 'de' and 'den' in this case :( Is it right what @Sam_Cat said?


Yes. De is plural and den is common singular.


"Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something." -- Mitch Hedberg


If "ris" is plural, what is "risen" then?


Definite singular. :) Usually used about a dish.


Risen => The rice


But then shouldn't it be "de lyse rise"? Because I know it is ris og rise but that one is not making any sense to me yet.


no, because "de" provides the definite here together with the preceeding adjective. You can ask "er risen lys? (is the rice light/bright?) or you can say "Jeg har risen (I have the rice, where 'en' serves as 'the' on the end for masculine noun)" or you can say "jeg vil have de lyse ris" ( I will have the light/bright rice. You can't use both 'de' and 'en' together, you would be saying 'the bright the rice') Also, rice doesn't change form between singular and plural forms, kind of like in English, one grain of rice or a bowl of rice. That was all a bit mixed up, but I hope you can see the pattern in it all...


Bright rice, brown strawberries. WHAT IS GOING ON IN DENMARK!?


There's something rotten in the state of Denmark


Do the Danish cook their rice in a nuclear power plant?

[deactivated user]

    yes. never except rice from a dane


    Ris = rice and risene = the rice. Both of these are plural. The former is indefinite while the latter is definite. I hope I am right.


    You are :). Good explanation, too.


    WTH is "bright rice"?


    The opposite of dumb rice. (Terrible joke, but I had to).


    You are so getting a lingot for that! LOL


    Ah! It's a dish. I thought the question was perhaps about white rice. I've heard of white, red, black and wild rice, but never of bright rice.


    Believe me, you won't hear about it in Denmark...


    I think duo likes to give us sentences that don't make sense in the real world to test us on usage outside of contextual clues. Like with our black strawberry and animals doing human things. If they used rødt jordbær, we could assume what color it is from just knowing strawberries are red. I admit to have gotten caught out making assumptions like this many times.


    If I put up a band I'm calling it "Bright rice" ^__^


    So, what is the difference between lyse and lyst???


    Lyse is used with plural nouns and lyst with singular neuter nouns. Lyst can also mean urge/desire.


    lys, lyst and lyse, how can i tell the difference?


    all right, so I'm really not sure but I think lyse­-plural lyst-exemple aeble and lys-and Again, I'm not sure at all, so I might be wrong...


    what on earth is bright rice .....never used in English


    I'd never heard of it either. I put "We eat the white rice" and it was marked correct. Whether it should have been, I don't know.


    It accepted "We eat the light rice." also.


    Bright rice. seriously?


    What is "bright rice"?


    Spiser--"are eating" says the bot. I put "eat" and was marked wrong.


    When do you use bright and light? Because some sentence define lyse as "light" instead of bright?


    Why not light rice? Makes as much sense as bright rice

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