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  5. "An toradh."

"An toradh."

Translation:The fruit.

August 27, 2014



I was checking out google translate when "torthai" came up in the beginning of this. There, it said that the plural and the singular were both the same. Now, having been introduced to 'toradh' as the singular, I punch that into google translate and all it gives me in return is 'outcome' and 'result.' Is 'toradh' truly the singular for fruit as well?


Yes it is. Outcome, result is a derived meaning, similar to the English "Fruits of one's labour".


Cool. Not to be a douche (which is, now that I look at it, perhaps a blatant Americanism), but I'm curious where you found that information. Thanks so much!


Foras na Gaeilge’s Dictionary and Language Library is a handy resource.


So interesting!


Does anyone else have trouble with the links posted in the comments? I would very much like to check out the extra information y'all have provided but the links never open.


If you’re using one of the Duolingo apps, my understanding is that the embedded links in comments aren’t supported in them. You could try reading the comments in your smartphone’s browser, in which the embedded links are supported.


How do you pronounce dh?


Its pronunciation can vary according to the nearest vowels, the dialect, its location in the word, and by the type of word. In the case of toradh, listen here.


Thanks a million!


why wont "a fruit" be accepted?


an is the Irish for "the".


I don't understand the difference between toradh and torthai...can someone please explain. I read the comments but I don't understand them either. Simple is good for me....


Simple: toradh - a fruit (single) torthai - fruits (plural)


I have learned torthai as the singular and plural both in my school that teaches Irish as a subject, and when I was doing Duolingo, I do not understand why it is showing me the irish words for "The Results", and telling me that it is "The Fruits.". I do not understand this at all.


I can't speak for what you learned in your school, but if you think that you learned "torthai as the singular and plural" on Duolingo, it's not Duolingo's fault.

Is toradh é - "It is a fruit"
An bhfuil toradh romhat? - "Is there a fruit in front of you?"
Toradh agus sú - "Fruit and juice"
Is toradh é an tráta - "The tomato is a fruit"
Is aoibhinn liom an toradh sin - "I love that fruit"

The singular Irish word toradh can mean either "fruit" and "result", though I don't think Duolingo has any examples using the singular "result", only the plural "results" but it also includes examples where torthaí is clearly the plural of "fruit", not "results".

Na torthaí - "The fruits"
An bhfuil torthaí uainn? - "Do we want fruit?"
Anailíseoidh an múinteoir na torthaí - "The teacher will analyze the results"
Chonaiceamar iarmhairtí agus torthaí tar éis na heachtra - "We saw consequences and results after the incident"
Bhí torthaí spéisiúla tar éis an fhiosrúcháin - "There were interesting results after the investigation"

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