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Daily pratice: too complicated?

Since several days ago, I find the daily practice really too complicated. - Each time I fail a daily practice I get a complete new set of sentences, hence I cannot even have the opportunity to learn from my mistakes by answering them again. - The structure of some sentences are quite complicated and don't reflect my level in German! (and as previously stated I cannot even answering them again!). - After trying to 'pass' the daily practice several times, I'm talking here about 4 to 5 times without success, I should at least be able to have my daily revision validated as I spent a non negligible amount of time revising and also replying correctly to many of the questions! The questions I couldn't reply to should be asked one or several days after. - The choice of the questions is bizarre and too random IMHO. For example I replied correctly to a first question of the type German->English and then was asked to reply in a raw to the questions of types Audio->German, English-> Multiples choice German and English-> German for the exact same sentence! (this comment also apply for the lessons). - I think I'll give the 'daily practice' a miss for the time being as I prefer spending more time on revising the skills.

April 22, 2012


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