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"La próxima vez lo haré yo mismo."

Translation:Next time, I will do it myself.

May 25, 2013



What's wrong with"The next time I will do it the same"?


"yo mismo" seems to mean "myself". You need to change "yo" to "el" to get Spanish for your sentence. "La próxima vez lo haré el mismo."


"same" means "igual", then the sentence would be "La próxima vez yo lo haré igual"


I tried this route and had some extra parts that translated as "the next time I will do it the same as me" which I should have used as a clue to the correct sentence. If you're going to do it the same as you then you may as well do it yourself right?


I'm surprised this doesn't have more comments- this was a challenging sentence


If the speaker is a female, would this be "Lo haré yo misma."?


How do I know when to use "mí mismo" or "yo mismo"?


Fred, Yo mismo would be the subject of the sentence. The following may not be the best example but... Él me lo dio a mi mismo. He gave it to me myself, i.e. not to anyone else. a mi mismo = indirect object. Anyone else with a better example?

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