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  5. "Æblet er dets morgenmad."

"Æblet er dets morgenmad."

Translation:The apple is its breakfast.

August 27, 2014



Perhaps we were talking about a bear. "What is the bear's breakfast?" "The apple is its breakfast."


Bjørnen er vegetar...


I guess it must be. : )


Well that won't work, the bear is common gender "Bjørnen" and we would have to use "dens". The animal would work "et dyr" and then it could be the bear after all!

The apple is the animal's breakfast. (Little do they know which animal it is!)

(Æblet er et dyr morgenmad.) Wait, I don't know how to do possessive with nouns yet.
Æblet er dets morgenmad.



Æblet er et dyrs morgenmad.


I think you are on the right track. If I understood the notes correctly and if what was meant were "The apple is its own breakfast.", then the Danish sentence should be "Æblet er sits morgenmad." (if I'm not mistaken).


For app only users, we need to go online to see the helpful Tips and Notes. Most duolingo languages provide tips in app, only on web.


The context of the sentence does not define the nature of "dets", whether it be a bear, a dog or an insect, and therefore "dets morgenmad" and "dens morgenmad" are both correct.


Continuing the tradition of funny sentences since 2011...


Morgenmad literally means morning food X)


I can't believe I've never noticed that


Ok, just to make the things clear to me. Sorry for my possibly bad Engelsk.

Hans/henes - if we talk about something that is possessed by a person only (a man/woman) Dens/dets - they must not be as widespread as "hans/henes" because they are used when we talk about something possessed by a thing/creature/animal etc. (not human). Because you rarely talk about things that are not held by a human (f.e bear's beer, duck's newspaper)

Am I right?


Is this 'dets' instead of 'dens' because apple is neuter?


In the case of sentances they have showed us so far, it doesn't matter if you use dets or dens. They don't mark either one wrong. It probably isn't so important unless you are writing more than one sentance. For example, if I am just talking about "it" and it doesn't matter what "it" is, I can use either one, but if I were to say "Min kat drikker. Den drikker mælk." (My cat drinks. It drinks milk.) it would be important to use "den" refering to "kattEN" (the cat) This is why it is important to know both.


Very helpful, tak.


æble is an et-word.


Sorry, no. See jjd1123 above and the link to the possessives Tips & notes


That sentence doesn't sounds right :/ , I thought I was gonna get it wrong at first - I thought æblet means the duck for a moment


Similar beginnings aender and aeblet


no not more "t"s and "n"s :'(


Ae is not accepted in the answer - my answer was 100% correct

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