Ella lleva comida al restaurante ?

I was asked to translate this sentence into English.

the correct answer:she take food to the restaurant

the answer i wrote :she take food at the restaurant

Later i checked the vocabulary page of "a". I saw an example sentence " Ellos llegaron al coche." and the English translation was " They arrived at the car." I thought "al " has the meanings of "to the " and "at ". if that's true, how come a article would appear in the translation when "al" stands for "at"?

6 years ago


"Al" is a contraction of "a" and "el." So when you read "Ellos llegaron al coche," you can read it as, "Ellos llegaron a el coche." Translation: "They arrived at the car."

6 years ago

@BeatriceEagle : thanks a lot!!

It surprised me when I found out you'are a German learner !!

Since "al" is a contraction of "a" and "el." could the sentence "al restaurante" mean "to the restaurant" and "at the restaurant " at the same time ??

6 years ago

Ella lleva comida al restaurante: She takes food to the restaurant. AL = A + EL = to the

She is at the restaurant: Ella está en el restaurante.

6 years ago
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