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  5. "Hun leger ligesom drengene."

"Hun leger ligesom drengene."

Translation:She plays like the boys.

August 27, 2014



She plays. Period. She is right to play the way she does... :D

Let's be feminist on Duo...


Well, strictly speaking, she plays like THE boys. Like some particular group of boys, who do not necessarily act stereotypically. Also this sentence does not point out any stereotypes. Say, all the children in the village like Doctor Who games, but these boys like Godzilla games. So does she. So she plays like the boys. Nice attitude, though)


OK... :D good point ! :D


Let's not. It isn't helpful.


Can anyone tell me why this is wrong: "She plays just like the boys" ?


Adding an adverb like that changes the meaning slightly. Your sentence could be "Hun leger nøjagtigt ligesom drengene".


If it's any consolation, I did the same thing....'det er lige mig' means 'it's just me' so it's a bit pedantic not allow it. They done us wrong, bondybondbond! :oO


How is this sentence different from: "Hun leger som drengene"


ligesom = just like som = like. Answer should be: She plays just like the boys


Before I was of the same opinion but looking at it again adding in the just might be wrong after all. The dictionary gives ligesom as synonym of som and it is also possible to write lige som as two words in Danish which would probably be the equivalent of just like.


Ordbogen.com gives "like" and "just like" as equally possible translations for "ligesom"


“Just like the boys” sounds more English and, strictly speaking, is a literal translation since “live” means just and “som” means like (at least in this context). But is that too sophisticated for Duolingo. Do we have any idea of how these boys play?

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