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Die Lehrer?

How am I supposed to tell whether it's teacher or teachers?

August 28, 2012



der Lehrer = the teacher (masc) die Lehrerin = the teacher (fem) die Lehrer = the teachers (masc pl) die Lehrerinnen = the teachers (fem pl)


@elboheme: Germans are rather strict about this. If the teachers are all female, they would use: "Die Lehrerinnen".


@blaueBohmin: A group of female teachers would not still be "die Lehrer", it would be "die Lehrerinnen" instead.


Der Lehrer is "the teacher" singular. Die Lehrer is "the teachers" plural. The article changes from der to die when it becomes plural. Der Lehrer means the male teacher. Die Lehrer means the teachers (any or all genders). Die Lehrerin means the female teacher. I'm guessing that a group of female teachers would still be die Lehrer.


Ok thanks guys. I thought is was just a question of whether or not 'Lehrer' was masculine, feminine, or neuter.


Die Lehrerin (Female), Der Lehrer (Male), Die Lehrer (Plural).


Thanks for the clarification, @siebolt. I was a little unsure on that one. If it is a group of mixed teachers though, then I imagine it would remain in the masculine form, i.e. "die Lehrer"?


@elboheme: When it is a mix of male and female Germans use the male plural. It is the same with Schüler. Singular male: der Schüler, singular female: die Schülerin. Male plural: die Schüler, female plural: die Schülerinnen, mixed plural: die Schüler.

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